This project is offering a chance to meet weekly with your peers to share a free meal for 12 weeks, commencing mid-March.

The Plug-in is helping researchers in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Flinders University better understand how attending regular community lunch gatherings impacts quality of life.

The first part of this study was conducted in July 2020, where Plug-in Influencers participated in an online focus group to help researchers understand the feasibility of holding shared lunches on a large scale for social benefit.

We are excited to begin recruiting for the second stage of this project, which will further explore the feasibility of a large-scale social lunch program. This project involves attending a series of shared lunches in the City of Onkaparinga area over 12 weeks.

Read on for more information.

What’s Involved?

We are inviting Influencers who would benefit from greater social interaction to attend a series of 10-12 lunches over 12 weeks, where food will be provided free of charge.

  • Location: The lunches will take place at a cafe in Noarlunga Downs.
  • Duration: Each lunch will last approximately 90 minutes, and lunches are expected to take place on Wednesdays across a 12-week timeframe between March and May 2021.
  • Cost: Meals are provided free of charge, and travel assistance will be offered to those living within the City of Onkaparinga council area.
  • Requirements: Participants will complete a survey at the beginning of the study (prior to attending the first lunch) and at the end of the study (following the final lunch). There will also be a one-on-one interview conducted during the program where the researcher will discuss your experiences.

We understand that conflicts or other commitments may come up over the course of a 12-week study and are looking for participants who are able to offer their best commitment to attend the lunches for the duration of the project.

Am I eligible?

If you feel you could benefit from greater social interaction or don’t have a lot of social engagements, we encourage you to register your interest. If you have a lot of commitments in your week, this project may not be for you.

We are looking for people who are:

  • Aged 65 years or older
  • Live in the City of Onkaparinga council area
    Note: Researchers are willing to include participants from outside City of Onkaparinga who are interested and willing to use their own transport to attend weekly lunches.
  • Confident speaking English
  • Available to participate in a social lunch once a week for 12 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays, commencing mid-March)
  • Not volunteering/working the equivalent of more than 2 days (15 hours) a week
  • Willing to complete a survey at the beginning and end of the program, and participate in an interview during the course of the program

If you meet the project criteria and would like to help Researchers test the benefits of meeting with others to increase social connections for personal wellbeing, please register your interest by completing the survey below.

Register your interest in the project

Participation in this project is voluntary. Your personal information will not be used or shared without your express consent – you can read more about our privacy policy on our website. If you meet the criteria and are selected, a member of the Flinders Team will contact you with all the details you need to be part of the project.

If you know someone who may like to participate in this project please share this information. We want to make sure that we hear the voices of a broad range of older South Australians.

Thank you for being part of The Plug-in. Through your contribution you are raising the voices of older people and supporting the important work of COTA SA!

For further information please contact The Plug-in on (08) 8224 5526 or email connect@theplugin.com.au