Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey looking at how older South Australians travel to hospital and specialist appointments. We had a fantastic response to the survey and the project is now closed.

Please see below to read more about the project:

We’re currently working with SA Health through Office for Ageing Well to explore the travel experiences of older people attending hospital appointments or specialist appointments.

Whether you live in the suburbs of Adelaide or a regional area we want to hear your experiences about traveling to hospital appointments or specialist appointments. These appointments may be for you or for someone else 50+ and whether the travel is by bus, private car, government or council service, or any other means we want to know about it.

The findings from this study will be shared far and wide with Local Health Networks, Local Councils, hospitals, not-for-profit organisations and other service providers. Your contribution will make a difference in older South Australians’ lives by helping providers in the health system better understand you and others like you. This in turn will be used to improve the provision of transport services for older people across the state.

What’s involved?

There are a couple of stages to this project, the first is an online survey which you can complete via the link below. This online survey will take you about 5-7 minutes to finish.

At the end of this online survey, we’ll also ask you if you’d like to participate in a focus group for this project where we’ll be able to talk at length about some of the issues and opinions raised in the survey. The Plug-in is going to be hosting focus groups across the state in October and November, and if you are selected to take part you will receive a $30 gift card in recognition of your involvement.

Please note that you must complete the online survey to be considered for a focus group.

Am I eligible?

As with all our projects, The Plug-in has a range of selection criteria for participants. To be eligible for this project, you will need to:

  • Be aged 50+ and have attended a hospital appointment or specialist appointment in the past 12 months anywhere within South Australia.


  • Have arranged transport for a person aged 50+ (for example a family member or friend) so they can attend a hospital appointment or specialist appointment within South Australia in the past 12 months. It doesn’t matter if you attended the appointment with them or not, only that you arranged their travel.


  • Have online access to complete the survey

If you are also selected for a focus group we’ll ask you to attend a 90 minute session at a location near you.

For further information please contact Tegan Syrus, The Plug-in Coordinator on 08 8224 5526 or email