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The Plug-in. Influencers of modern ageing.

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COTA SA’s social enterprise The Plug-in, is a specialist market insights operation which connects older people with business, industry and researchers. We give older people an influential voice and enable clients to innovate and improve products, services and policies for the growing 50+ market.

If you’re an individual over 50, then we invite you to join our community of “Influencers” ready to “plug in” to client projects – its free and simple to register. Or if you’re from an organisation that wants to understand your older customers at a deep level, then connect with us – we are ready to partner with you.

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The Plug-in. Influencers of modern ageing.

Are you an influencer?

If you want the power to influence the future of ageing we invite you to join us and have the opportunity to work alongside industry, innovators and researchers to help create technology, products and services that will better meet the future needs
of older people.

Join The Plug-in community and have access to information, training and opportunities to identify and solve the problems that matter most to you and others.

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The Plug-in. Influencers of modern ageing.

Are you looking to connect with older people?

Speak with us to find out how The Plug-in provides industry, innovators and researchers the ability to connect with older South Australians to innovate, identify, test and take to market new products and services that better meet the future needs of older people.

The Plug-in offers:

  • A fresh approach that delivers streamlined and tailored recruitment of participants that can add value to design and innovation processes
  • An opportunity for ongoing relationships with the community
  • Deeper dives leading to a deeper level of understanding about what’s important to older people
  • Access to specialist support in developing and facilitating design and innovation processes
  • Accelerated design and development phase and prototyping
  • The ability to hit the mark (and market) quicker; and early exposure to potential ambassadors.
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