Do you have thoughts and insights about living as a 50+ person? Would you like to share your thoughts to evoke change? If so, The Plug-In team would like to hear from you!

‘The Plug-In’ is a social insights operation which connects older people to researchers, industry and business, where people 50+ can give their thoughts and opinions on improving products, services and policies for their demographic. With a few clicks we can give you a platform to be heard and influence change.

You might be thinking, “If I join The Plug-in, how can I really influence change?” or“What would I gain by being involved?”

Well, here are a few reasons why sharing your thoughts and opinions through The Plug-in may be personally rewarding for you:

  • Business, Industry and researchers want to hear from you but need help connecting.
    Business, Industry and researchers realise that they need help to understand the needs of a specific community, and to test products and service design concepts. However, to hear from you, they first need to be able to know who you are, that you are interested in having a say and how to get in contact. This is the purpose of The Plug-in. When reflecting on the relationship between business, Industry and researchers and our community  Influencer Vic explains the role of The Plug-in  as being, “ [It’s the] bridge between innovators and the users who will experience the innovation.”
  • By joining the Plug-in, you can access unique offerings and rewards for free.
    Participants in Plug-in projects can expect to be kept in the loop as to the influence they are having on the market, be invited to events and workshop from time to time, and receive tickets to unique experiences. There may also be incentives and honorariums for some projects such as vouchers, small payments or the like.  The clients we are working with are often testing new products or specialised services not yet available to the market that you can access and keep just by being involved. Influencers frequently let us know that what they enjoy most is the contribution into creating new insights and having their voices heard.
  • You are in control of your involvement and only take part in the opportunities that are of interest to you.
    It’s free to join The Plug-in, and simple to do by completing the online form here. Once you join your involvement could look like a combination of completing an online survey every couple of months or taking part in a focus group, participating in health and medical research or being involved in identifying gaps in a market and working alongside industry to design a new product.

The Plug-in will always be available for you to connect with, but if you join by the end of March, you have a chance to win an iPad.

Our Influencer Maria describes it best when she says, “It’s about having a voice. When you don’t have the opportunity to share, it’s hard to have a voice.”

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If you have any questions, we would like to hear from you! You can contact Michelle on 8224 5588 or connect@

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