A sincere thank you to everyone who participated in our Mood Snapshot survey. After an extraordinary 2020, the insights you took the time to share have helped us better understand how older Australians are feeling right now.

The below video highlights key findings from over 250 responses to the survey in December 2020.

While there is definitely a sense of loss and hardships experienced in 2020, there are common themes of hope amongst the responses; appreciation of the environmental benefits seen across the world due to reduced consumer activity; a sense of comradery and working together to help and protect each other; and an overwhelming sentiment that people feel lucky to live in Australia.

“It’s been a chance to re-assess our priorities, and also be grateful for the way people (and even politicians) can come together for the greater good.  We have recognised and given thanks for the mighty efforts of hospital and other front-line staff. For me personally, I have given more time to being mindful, and am practising compassion and kindness more as a result of COVID-19.

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