Thank you to everyone who registered for the CSIRO study. The registration period has now ended. Please read below about the project:

The Plug-in has been engaged by the CSIRO to deliver a study into the well-being of older South Australians. The CSIRO are inviting Influencers to participate in a study investigating people’s attitudes, behaviours and preferences around diet, health and physical activity.As with all our projects, The Plug-in has a range of selection criteria for participants. To be eligible for this particular project, you will need to be:

• Aged 65 or over
• Independently making decisions about your meals at least three times a week (involved in or having a say in food shopping and food choice in your household)
• Residing in Adelaide
• Living independently (not currently residing in a high care or residential facility)
• Able or capable of performing at least light physical activity
• Available to complete a 1-hour online survey, the first stage of the study

After completing the online survey, you will have the opportunity to opt-in to an additional in-depth research experience. During this second stage of the project, you will work with the CSIRO research team to record your food and beverage consumption as well as physical activity for 3 days per week over a two to three-week period. Participants who participate in both stages of the project can expect to receive a $50 VISA gift card honorarium in recognition of their contribution to the research. Please note that you will need to have access to a mobile or ’smart’ device to complete the activity, and only one person per household will be eligible to participate in the second stage.

Now is the perfect time to share your valuable opinions and have an influence contributing to the scientific knowledge in this field of study and provide valuable insights into people’s attitudes, concerns and current practices regarding food and health.

For further information contact us on 08 8224 5526 or email