Talking retirement living and aged care — share your thoughts on what the future of care should be!

The Plug-in invites you to take part in our newest research project which we are undertaking on behalf of a leading retirement living and aged care provider on the south east coast of New South Wales.

Help shape the future of retirement living!

We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions to help shape a new way of retirement living. What would be your dream for a new home? What would you like to have available in terms of services and recreation? What do you need to help you live your best life across all your years?

Have you had experiences with aged care?

We would also like to hear from those who are currently users of aged care, have high health needs that they feel will lead to aged care in future OR are carers/family members of people who need(ed) aged care.

What do you/your loved ones need from aged care? What type of environment should it be? How should rooms and privacy be managed? How should care be delivered?

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Stage 1 — Focus groups and interviews

The first stage of this project is a deep dive into the thoughts on the proposed plan for the new site and the services to be provided to residents and the community.

By taking part you will be amongst the first to view the masterplans for the NSW South Coast site and learn about exciting new services planned!

What’s involved?

We are looking for people to contribute their insights as part of an online focus group or an interview with one of our friendly researchers.

This research will take place during August 2022, with additional opportunities for participation through to February 2023.

Why should you take part?

Our client wants to create a new way of living for older Australians, using the latest innovations and technology to ensure all their customers and residents are supported to live their best and healthiest lives. This is an opportunity to have your say and help to design a new way of retirement living and aged care.

This project will inform the future directions for a retirement living and aged care living on the east coast. It will directly impact the plans for a New South Wales development – research participants will be amongst the first to gain a preview of the master planning, as well as influencing the way that our client provides care across all their sites.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible to participate in this stage of the project, you must be aged between 50 – 80 years of age, living (or interested in living) on the south coast of NSW, and able to participate in an online focus group or video interview.

Those who are selected and participate in a workshop will receive a $60 gift card in recognition of their time and involvement. Those who are selected and take part in an interview will receive $40 as a thank you for their time.

For more information and to express your interest in participating in a focus group or interview, please click on the following link to complete the short registration form.

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Your responses will remain confidential in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles.

You can also express your interest by contacting The Plug-in directly on (08) 8224 5526 or email

Further project stages…

Even if you can’t participate right now, there will be further stages of research for this project that you can get involved in! Register your interest now to keep in touch with us across the life of this project. Future stages include a Community Survey and further Workshops to explore community thoughts on the site, and further refining of the site plans and delivery of services and resident experiences.

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Your contribution will make a difference to the lives of older Australians.

For further information please contact The Plug-in on (08) 8224 5526 or email