Step into our ‘Design + Innovation Lab’ and learn about some of the processes + projects at The Plug-in!

This event, held as part of ZestFest 2018, will give you an insight into some of the processes and projects we run at The Plug-in.

Learn about innovation processes + design cycles, and then launch into some hands-on experience with two different services/products!

Even if you have already been involved in some of our project opportunities, this event is a great way to get a refresher on some of the activities you can get involved in, hear directly from innovators that are focused on improving quality of life, and to learn about different service models and products that are being developed in SA.

Service design + exploration

We will explore alternative models of lifestyle for older people and think about how we can we influence policy for home design.

We will be joined by Christopher Sloper from The South Australian Residential Parks Residents Association (SARPRA) who will introduce us to a model that enables people aged 50+ years to have full, independent living and legal home ownership. We will also explore what fixtures, fittings and the overall design elements of your home that are most important to support your individual needs.

Product + proof of concept testing

We will learn about a tool in current development to help support people living with dementia, and their close friends and family members. We will be able to explore the product and test the concept further, provide feedback about its usefulness, and have an opportunity to explore affordability.

This product is currently in development by Sean Grealy, co-founder of Care Konnect, who will join us. Sean is also the student representative for Adelaide University ThincLab incubator and Head of Student Engagement for the Australian eChallenge, referred to as the nexus of student entrepreneurship at Adelaide University.

Event details:

When:                  Wednesday 17 October 2018, 12:30 to 2:30pm

Where:                 COTA SA Boardrooms, 16 Hutt Street Adelaide 5000

Cost:                      Free

Bookings:            8232 0422 or email

What should I bring?

We will have all the material you need at this event. Just bring your explorative and curious mind with you!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Where should I park?

If you are driving in to attend this event, there is 2 hour ticketed parking directly outside 16 Hutt Street Adelaide.

There is also 2-hour time limited parking on East Terrace (located behind the COTA SA building).

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