The Plug-in and COTA SA wanted to develop a deeper understanding about the different views and uses of technology among South Australians aged 50 years and over, by exploring the often divisive topic of technology.

We know that technology is all around us and it is constantly evolving, changing and impacting different areas of our lives in many different ways. We also know that there are lots of different views about technology.

This survey gave South Australians aged 50+ an opportunity to have their say on topics including what types of technology they use, how often they use it, any concerns they had, and importantly, what they like or don’t like about technology.

As always, the important work of The Plug-in helps inform how COTA SA can continue to best support the interests and futures of South Australians as we age and in particular, how technology can positively impact us, our wellbeing and lifestyles.

The following infographics provide a snapshot of what we learned, with full findings available by clicking on the button below.

Here’s what we discovered…


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