Thank you to everyone who registered! This project is now closed. Please see below to read more about the project:

The Plug-in are again working alongside the University of Adelaide Nursing School, Adelaide PHN and Central Adelaide Local Health Network with funding from The Hospital Research Foundation.

This follows on from a project in 2018 where valuable insights from our Plug-in Influencers helped us discover that “there is something missing in the middle.” You helped us understand that information and care can break down at important points in the transition from hospital to home, for example, when an older patient is discharged from hospital.

In this next stage of research we are working with both health professionals/ service providers and community members. We want to hear from community members who are over 75 and have recently had an unexpected hospital admission. Your contributions will help us to address this problem, improve care and help reduce avoidable admissions to hospital.

This project will help us to investigate what type of person/position would help provide consistency in care when moving between care from GPs, hospital and at home.

The aim of this project is to reduce multiple admissions to hospital and to help older people remain independent and living well at home!

What’s involved?

To explore your insights and hear your experiences we will be holding workshops. In these workshops we would love to hear your ideas and opinions about what worked well, and what could have been done better as you transitioned from hospital back to home.

The workshops will be 90 minutes in duration. If you are selected to take part you will receive a $60 gift card in recognition of your involvement.

Light refreshments will also be provided at the workshop.

The workshop times and locations are:

  • North-east (Campbelltown area): 10:30am – 12pm, Thursday October 31st 2019
  • South-west (Marion area): 10:30am – 12pm, Friday November 8th 2019

Am I eligible?

As with all our projects, The Plug-in has a range of selection criteria for participants.

We are looking for people who:

  1. Are aged 75 or older
  2. Have had an unplanned hospital presentation or admission in the last 6 months
  3. Are still living at home
  4. Live in either the north-east or south-west suburbs of Adelaide
  5. Are able to attend one of the 90 minute workshops listed above


Are a family member / carer of a person matching the above criteria

For further information please contact us on 08 8224 5526 or email